St Adalbert Catholic School


1st Grade Highlights

Jenni Crain

First Grade

Jenni Crain

Hi, Hola, and Witam!  My name is Jennifer Crain and I teach the fabulous First Graders here at Saint Adalbert School.  My dziadzia (grandfather), my mother, aunts, uncles, and many cousins all attended our school.  I consider myself a Saint Adalbert family member since birth.  I graduated in 2004 from Manchester College with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  In 2011 I earned my English as a New Language certification from the University of Notre Dame through the Alliance for Catholic Education.  In addition to teaching first grade, I serve as liaison for our school's College Mentors for Kids program.  In my free time, I enjoy hanging out in my hammock with a good book, trying out new recipes to test on my husband, making arts and crafts, and spending time with friends and family.  The best part about my job is the kiddos.  This is my twelfth year at Saint Adalbert School and I look forward to many more.