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photo credit: Mrs. Cristina Ruvalcaba

Many congratulations to alumnus Alma Nuñez, St. Adalbert class of 2014 and current St. Joseph High School senior. Alma received the DAR Good Citizen award. The DAR Good Citizen Program honors an Outstanding Senior Classman who demonstrates the qualities of a Good Citizen. Candidates should be of good character who emphasize dependability, service, leadership, and Patriotism. 

With 100 hundred years of history we are proud of our alumni and the role they have taken in supporting the school, enriching the neighboring community, and living the St. Adalbert values wherever they may be!

Alumni Fun has included:

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- Pierogi Fest and Polka Fun

- Our 3 day Centennial Celebration in July 2011

- Our quarterly alumni newsletter featuring news of our alumni, our school and

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