St Adalbert Catholic School is a member of the Inter-City Catholic League (ICCL) and competes regularly with other schools in the Michiana area. 

Forms necessary for athletic participation or becoming a volunteer coach can be found on this page.

The mission of the St. Adalbert Athletics Program is to cultivate a Christian spirit of sportsmanship, fitness, self confidence, and the ability to work with others as a team. This mission is accomplished through a synergistic relationship between the school and parents, with both equally sharing responsibility and effort to help student athletes succeed.  

St. Adalbert School encourages both individual and team excellence and presents students of all skill and experience levels with opportunities to develop a Christian spirit of sportsmanship as well as a lifelong interest in fitness and sport.

Winning, as measured by society, is solely done by score.  However, at St. Adalbert School we believe that the yardstick for measuring success should be judged by teamwork, personal skill development, commitment to excellence, respect for others, and winning and losing with class and humility.  We believe that if a team commits to these principles, no matter what the final outcome of a contest is, the team will always be a winner.


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Welcome to St. Adalbert's sports page.  St. Adalbert's has a rich history in competing in the ICCL.  At St. Adalbert we firmly believe that student's can benefit greatly from an athletic program, helping them with their confidence and discipline.  We have a wide variety of student program's available, from archery to volleyball.  Please click on the links to the left to explore community opportunities.

St Adalbert Catholic School