St Adalbert Catholic School


How do I volunteer?

There are so many rich ways in which to help us serve in the ministry of Catholic education.  In some cases, we have regular groups coming from organizations including partnerships with the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College, and the Christ Child Society.  In other situations, we have adults volunteering to serve on an individual basis.  If you are willing to help us serve our students and families, we are ready to help place you where there is a need.  For all adults who wish to volunteer, there is a mandatory screening process required by the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend. 

Here are the steps:

1. Contact the appropriate person at the school to express your interest (these contacts are listed below).
2. Review the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend's volunteer policy manual.
3. Watch the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend's Safe Environment Video delivered by our Bishop, Kevin Rhoades.
4. Sign the verification of viewing form at the school office that acknowledges that you have watched the safe environment video.
5. Bring your completed background information forms (available at school or on the Diocesan website) to Ms. Carol Bilinski at St. Adalbert Catholic School.
6. Get fingerprinted - you will need to be fingerprinted by MorphoTrust. An appointment may be made by calling (877) 472-6917.  There is a one-time cost associated with the appointment.
7. Bring your completed fingerprinting document to Ms. Carol Bilinski at the St. Adalbert Catholic School office.
8. Now you are ready to begin volunteering!

Background Screening - Ms. Carol Bilinski,
Tutoring for Notre Dame - Mr. Doug Clark,
Christ Child Tutoring - Mrs. Jean Fuehrmeyer,
General Volunteering - Mr. Andrew Currier,
HASA Volunteers - Mrs. Soledad Robledo,

Carol Bilinski